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VSOFT – Providing the best ERP software in Kerala, Billing & Accounting software provider in Kerala covering industries like retail and wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, restaurants, Hospitals, etc.

  • Simple and Easy to Use ERP software is your dream?
  • Are you looking for business perception ERP software rather than an accountant version?
  • Prompt Service support for your accounting package is a serious concern to you?
  • Searching for the latest technology update ERP solution?

We have solutions to all your questions.

Our Product Category

Multiple branches centralized ERP

  • Head office and branches using cloud database
  • Head office and branches using static IP connection
  • Franchise model
  • All in one Cloud


  • Hyper markets & stores
  • Super markets & grocery
  • Textiles & Readymade
  • Toys, Kids & Fashion


  • FMCG
  • Steel and Cement
  • Oil and Lubricants
  • Spare Parts and Hardware

Distribution/ VAN Sales

  • FMCG and Packed Foods
  • Pharma and Health
  • Stationary and Books
  • Paint and Fertilizer


  • Bakery and Foods
  • Soaps and Detergents
  • Paint Manufacturing
  • Beauty and Fashion


  • Specialty Hospitals
  • Clinic
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy


  • Hotels
  • Cafeteria
  • Bakery
  • Food court

Mobile Applications

  • Android
  • IOS

Products & Industry Solutions

Offers wide range of industry wise products and solutions to make your business easy and control

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Our Clients

H&D agency wayanad

Functional ERP software for your business

VSOFT are a group of independent ERP consultants having more than 20 years of experience in ERP Consultancy, Installation and Implementations. VSoft helps you to select the most suitable ERP software after studying analyzing your overall business. We work on behalf of you. Our experienced team can recognize the best available software available in market with prompt service support and take the full responsibility of it till implementation and training.

Understand your Business Flow and Implement ERP

VSOFT’s functional consultants will implement you the best ERP software with a clear and structured idea of various aspects of your business. A successful ERP implementation is done with Top Down. Identify the business process, Issues and limitations should take care before the solution suggestions. One example of this is to start with is the key reports currently that organization is reviewing and analyzes with kind of actual key reports needed to the organization.  A Successful ERP Implementation has several important flows that a consultant needs to carefully integrate.

Act as your IT Team

VSOFT business services includes software consultancy, Implementation, training and service support. Ability of an ERP consultant to talk business language is an important factor to improve the ERP adoption. We have highly qualified IT team for both Small and Medium enterprises. Either we can act as your full-fledged IT team or can incorporate with your existing IT team, we deliver our best. Our clear and structured ideas on various aspects of the business gained through many years of practical experiences.

What is ERP software?

Enterprise Resource planning in comprehensive meaning is business automotive management software which covers all areas of a specific business from day to day business to long run accurate insight giving to plan and execute the establishment by considering all data inputs in the business.

ERP modules includes HRMS & Payroll , CRM, Inventory management, Accounting, Supply Chain Management under one secure database structure.

In our daily interaction, rather than much bigger scope ERP also stands for Billing Software, GST software, inventory management and accounting software suitable for small medium business as well.

Features Advantages Benefits of ERP

Features of a standard ERP software

  • All in One solution
  • Security
  • User Friendliness
  • Advanced Technology
  • Online and Offline Synchronization

Advantage of ERP

In a fully integrated ERP system customer will get a complete and comprehensive solution to ensure all his business automation. All his departments will be efficiently coordinated .

Inventory , Accounts, Employment management, Customer relation management everything will be taken care.  Right information will lead to right decisions.

Benefits of ERP software system

Since benefits of ERP is strictly personal and may vary from person to person and business as well however generally we can say that it will manage your business in more efficient way. It will provide you right time information, Increase productivity, financial regulations; show you the area where it needs improvement etc.  in short you will win more customers reduce your cost and increase your revenue.

VSOFT Ultimate ERP software Solutions for Multiple Branch Management

Our centralized ERP system can manage efficiently multiple branches under different ERP structures. Head Office to Branch offices stock transfer and branch wise consolidated sales updating  back to head office booked us many satisfied clients across Kerala and Middle East.

Both Cloud server management and Static IP  connection with local database management makes our Centralized ERP  System peculiar and unique.

Mobile Application integration is also an inevitable part of this system for more Medium entrepreneurs.

Different ERP Structure includes:

Cloud Centralized ERP [Head Office & Branches]

Static IP Configured ERP [Head Office & Branches]

Cloud All in One Database

Franchise model ERP  

ERP with Mobile App Integration & Web Business Reports

Total centralization and control over your multiple location business and manage the entire stock flow, supply chain management , cash receipts and payments. Rate control from head office and instant update to branches will helps you to make right and fast decisions to empower your business to new heights.

As an entrepreneur while you travel, getting your business notifications, real time  data and updates on your mobile phone will be thankfully entertained.

Benefits of Centralization ERP System

Business automation become systematic

Tracking inventory at right points

Visibility over credits and Out standings

Rate control and its real time update

Order management control

Accounts and finance made hassle free

Save salary expenses

Understand your customers well

Real ERP functionalities all you want in simplified version

A real ERP software has all the functionalities to control your organization by optimize the field in Sales and Purchase entry. You can make your own convenient fields by enable and disable option there.

Industry wise ERP software settings

Different industry different settings to control inventory management,  tax calculations , procurement flow and account posting will define your business perception. Our ERP system can fine tune to most of the industries standard requirement without any effort.  Implementation team can easily meet all these settings.

ERP Software for Small Medium Enterprises in Kerala and Gulf Region

More than 4500 clients across Kerala in different industries like retail, wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing and also in Middle East countries strong presence with prompt service support creates urging demand on our ERP products.

Billing and Accounting software for Small & medium enterprises like Super Market, Hyper Market, Textiles, Garments, Grocery stores, Mobile outlets, Books Shops, Electrical and Electronics, Home Appliances, FMCG, Retail and Whole sale and Distribution.

Billing Software with most relevant MIS Reports

Management Information system gives you confidence to analyze the business growth, forecast the accounting, take control of your business and drive it efficiently and wisely.

Right information at the right time is the key for wise decision taking in a business.

Our various reports in inventory and accounting like advance receipt, advance payment, asset register, out standings, supplier listing, customer listings can give you that strength.

Explore V-Soft ERP version The Best Inventory software Control

How is inventory managed is crucial for your company. How you handle obsolete inventory?  What is the level of obsolete inventory in your company? What is the inventory turnover ratio?  How is the quality measured? How Items generals, category , size managed?  How inventory valuation doing? How does the costing get done? How does the organization measure the profitability?. All these questions should answer your inventory management.

Easy Print compatible with customized invoices

Any printer bill format customization is possible in our ERP system. A professional invoice can be made easy. Support all branded printers formats like Windows , DOS, Thermal according to customer wish.

Prompt Accounting Software System

Accounting entries generating and their impact in profit/ profitability of the organization is very important. One of the key constraints in ERP is the understanding of local tax accounting flows and mapping the same. Every inventory transaction ERP creates an accounting entry called perpetual inventory valuation.

GST Billing Software that ensure all about Tax

Inevitable in all GST Billing software, we too have the option of GST return Statements like B2B, B2C, HSN , Tax wise, Kerala flood Cess , GST Splits etc.

How many of you know how GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 work? , we have answers.

Our ERP GST statements cover all the necessary reports and can convert them to excel and CSV formats in a single click.

Gulf / Middle East Billing Accounting Software Package

We also provide complete ERP solutions to Middle East countries like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. Our VAT ready billing and accounting software are widely using in gulf regions. Our prompt service support made many Kerala based business firms to our satisfied client list.

Frequently Asked Questions about ERP software

1.In Which Technology does your ERP software developed?

We have developed our ERP software using latest and advanced technology now available. Our front end is coded in DOT NET and database is SQL SERVER.

2.What are the System Configuration specified to install your ERP system?

Computer Processor with Dual Core and 2 GB RAM is enough for our single user versions. However for multiple branch management Servers and multi users it is better to go for a higher configuration

3.How easy and user friendly is this ERP software?

Our ERP software is very easy to use. Any computer literate can handle it without any hazards. Most of the fields in Sales and Purchases can be listed by users itself according to their industry. Rather than an accountant view we have business man perception in our software.

4.How much time needed for Implementation?

Implementation time depends on the product and the ERP structure we have installed. Normally our single user version can be use within one hour after the installation.

5.Is this the best billing and accounting software in Kerala?

Since 2000 we have more than 4500 satisfied clients across Kerala and Middle East, we can obviously say that ours is one of the best billing and accounting software available in market today.

6.What about software technical and non-technical service support?

Our Office Service support is prompt with the timing of 9:30 am to 6 pm IST from Monday to Saturday. Also we have a 24/7 support system for our privilege clients.

7.How service support in Gulf / Middle East countries is giving?

For Middle East countries clients we have a separate service support desk to handle with high priority. Remote support using Team viewer, Any desk, Ammyy and Zoom meetings are available for uninterrupted business of our clients.

8.How much is the AMC?

Our Annual Maintenance Charge is 18% of our software initial cost. We have a clear and transparent AMC contract exchange to our clients at the time of installation.

9.Mobile friendly online reports are available?

Yes. Our ERP system can integrate online reports to web and mobile using cloud server.

10.How strong is our Database and how does it support huge data?

We have a proven record of huge data handling without any data loss and hanging outs. Our database architecture structure is trust worth and one of the best in the market. We have success stories of many multiple branch management of Hyper Markets.

11.What is the Return Of Investment of an ERP ?

ROI of an ERP can be calculating in many ways and most of them are in long run scenarios. However we can bring you a ROI chart after analyze your nature of business and time durations.

12.What are the risks involved In an ERP implementation?

ERP implementation is indeed risk involved. There are lots of factors involved in implementation of an ERP system and lack of any of it may lead to the failure. Infrastructure, Integration Points, Changing requirements, Nature of employees, Management efficiency and many more will influence the ERP implementation.